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Invoice Financing

Get early payment on your outstanding invoices.
Unlock working capital for your business.

• Get funded up to 90% of the invoice value
• Flat fee as low as 0.7% of invoice amount
• Up to 90 day terms

Help SMEs alleviate cashflow woes

How can you use Invoice Financing?

Managing Cashflow

Ease short-term cashflow crunches by to unlock payments for work already done.

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Focus on Growth

Free up a business owner's time and resources from chasing for payments. We take over collection & deal with payment delays and defaults.

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Minimize Debt

x-Invoice is not a loan, and will not burden you with extra debt.

How Multiply works?

01 Apply online

Get a quote and submit your documents online in minutes.

02 Notify

We will inform your customer of the arrangement and request them to direct payment to us.

03 Disburse

If approved, we will email you loan documents for your signature. Funds will be disbursed shortly after.

04 Collect

At invoice due date we collect from your customer. We will handle late or delayed payments.

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What is Invoice Financing?


Invoice Financing also known as Invoice Discounting, refers to the loaning of  funds against the outstanding account receivables. Usually, the Invoice Financing company will pay for up to 80% of the value of the invoice, in a form of Loan or Line Of Credit. Upon receiving payment from your clients. You will then pay the lender back the amount loaned with a one time fee of 1% and interest as low as 1%.

What is Invoice Factoring?


Working with invoice factoring companies is an easy way to get paid quickly. While Invoice Financing is a form of Invoice Discount, Invoice Factoring is a form of Invoice Financing. Confusing? Invoice Factoring helps take over the collection from your clients by purchasing your accounts receivable. The lender will pay you a percentage ranging from 85% to 90% of the total quoted amount on the invoice. Then, take over you in collection of the full amount. Upon the full collection, they will reimburse the difference with an agreement of a small fee for the service. Your clients will then make the necessary payment during the collection. Invoice Factoring is suitable for business with outstanding accounts receivable of 2 to 3 months and for those who prefer an external financial service provider to do it for them.

Can any business sell their invoices to Multiply?


We bring new invoice finance service to SMEs in Singapore. We accept invoices from businesses registered in Singapore which have been in business for at least six (6) months.

Is invoice financing a business loan?


Invoice Financing is not a business loan. It is a sale of your outstanding invoice to receive an advanced payment. This will not add on debt to your balance sheet.

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