Short Term Loan

What is a Short Term Loan?

A short term loan acts like any other traditional loan. It is basically an amount you get which will be paid off over time. The fees typically include an interest and a processing fee. The repayment period, or loan tenor is relatively short.

Types of Short Term Loans

-Merchant Cash Advances

Lender has access to borrowers credit facility, percentage of borrower’s sales goes to lender

-Lines of Credit

Credit limit is set for borrower to access when needed. Monthly installment will be paid against to amount borrowed.

-Invoice Financing

Loan done by using business’ accounts receivable

Pros of Short-Term Loan

  1. Bridge the project cashflow gap
  2. Emergency repairs
  3. Short-Term operational cost
  4. Purchase inventories

Things to look out for

These are some techniques to prevent a snowball debt and a few fail-safe solution:

  • Short term loans are are not for risky business purchase
  • Set aside enough cash from the profits to pay back monthly loans
  • Research on potential consumers which will be interested in your upcoming project
  • Look for last-resort buyers which purchases unused inventories

Why should we consider a Short Term Loan?

Short-term loans are used to overcome any unforeseen circumstances. Despite an issue with cash flow before the peak period, an unexpected call for additional expenses for supplies or emergency, or a sudden increase in demand for a service and product, a short-term loan solves all of it. Unlike any other loan there are no restrictions in using the funds. Due to digitisation, loans can be done online and approval are relatively quick. Also, despite shorter repayment term and low credit score, lenders are willing to take a higher risk  to loan.

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