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Collateral-free funding up to S$1,000,000

Competitive rates and flexible repayment terms of up to 5 years

Offered under the Enhanced Enterprise Financing Scheme, announced in Budget 2020


A business incorporated and operating in Singapore

At least 30% Singaporean or PR shareholding

Annual Sales of less than 500m for all companies in the group

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Help SMEs alleviate cashflow woes

The Benefits of Enterprise Financing Scheme (EFS)

Easy application

Our Friendly RMs will walk you through the simple application process

Cash flow bridge  

Ease cash flow gaps in your business with repayment terms up to 5 years

sme financing singapore

No collateral required

Enjoy unsecured lending supported by government risk sharing programme

About the programme

Multiply’s parent company IFS Capital is a participating financial institution under Enterprise Singapore’s Enterprise Financing Scheme (EFS). The scheme will enable Singapore enterprises to access financing more readily throughout their various stages of growth, via a risk-sharing mechanism.        

As announced at Solidarity Budget 2020, the enhanced EFS, raises the maximum loan quantum from $300,000 to $1 million. The Risk-share ratio was also increased to 90% (from 50% and 70% for young companies) for new applications initiated from 8 April 2020 until 31 March 2021.

About Multiply Capital

Multiply is a product of IFS Capital Limited, a regional financial institution listed on the Singapore Exchange since 1987. We provide small-ticket unsecured loans designed specifically for F&B operations. Our fee is flat, transparent and affordable.

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Are there any specific industries that the Enterprise Financing Scheme is targeted at?


No, the Enterprise Financing Scheme is designed to support companies across all industries throughout all stages of growth.

Is my company able to take up a loan if I have existing loans with the bank/financial institution?


Yes you are still eligible. Our team will evaluate your ability to repay, taking into consideration all of your company financial obligations.

What documents do I need to submit in order to make an application?


We will need
- 6-month monthly Bank Statements
- CBS report and NOA (2 years) of 2 PGs
- Photocopy of Directors/Owners NRIC (Passport for PRs / foreigners)
- M&A: Accept Original, CTC and Scanned copy.

Since Enterprise Singapore risk shares 50%/70%/80% of the loan, does it mean that the borrower/guarantors are only responsible for the remaining percentage of the loan?


No. The borrower is responsible for repayment of 100% of the loan amount. When defaults occur, the Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) are obligated to follow their standard commercial recovery procedure, including the realisation of security, before they can make a claim against Enterprise Singapore for the unrecovered amount in proportion to risk share percentage.

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Read about Multiply's SME financing story in the press